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Laila Pregizer is a part-time independent photographer taking commissions from various clients specialising in the field of people, lifestyle and precision photography.

When working with clients, Laila focuses on portrait and artistic nude photography. Her portraits are characterized by a high degree of emotionality, offering the viewer deep insights into varying moods and longings of humanity.

Unique pieces of art develop by combining formative elements of her macro and people photography: by taking in structures of the landscapes and continuing these along the human body, she is able to emphasise particular details or let the human body virtually melt into his surroundings.


Exhibitions/Publications: - "Landschaften-Menschen-Strukturen" (Landscapes-Humans-Structures), June 2008 until March 2009,MLP-Hanover
- PhotoART, international photography magazine, Fuji prize competition December 2008
- La Garda, Online-magazine for photography, models and make-up, November 2007, interview
- 02.05.2009 - 11.04.2010 "100 Bildes des Jahres 2008" (100 photos of 2008), Gesellschaft für Fotographie (represented with 1 photo at the national ramblers`exhibition)