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UWE SCHMIDA, Langenhagen


Uwe Schmida is a part-time independent photographer taking commissions from various clients specialising in the field of people photography, advertising and architecture.

He predominantly enjoys photographing people and landscapes and has a particular eye for unusual landscapes but is also highly skilled in accentuating every day motives in a spectacular way. Here, he emphasises their individual colours in harmonious ways. His main interest is to create photos that portray moods and ambiances and also tell a story. By integrating human bodies in outstanding natural scenery he brings both of his photographic passions to perfection.


- "Landschaften-Menschen-Strukturen" (Landscapes-Humans-Structures), June 2008 until March 2009, MLP-Hanover
- "Die Leine - eine photographische Reise" (The Leine - a photographic journey), illustrated book in self publishing company as well as various exhibitions, 2007
- "Wie die Zeit vergeht" (How times goes by) Participation in television documentary NDR, 2004
- "Nur der Wandel hat Bestand" (Only change remains) Comparative landscape photography, Specialist articles, conception of exhibition and Ramblers exhibition since 2004 in Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony).
- Photo publications, e.g. VIEW MAGAZIN, "Porträt- und Aktfotografie" HUMBOLDT, "My Nude" VIEW Photography; "Island" and "Mein eigenes Fotobuch" (My own photobook) in "Fotospiegel"; "Häuser"